Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

My mom asked me to compile a list of items I wanted for Christmas.  It's taken me 3 weeks to come up with a list but here it is. 
A new computer.  Preferably a Mac.
Pictured here a MacBook Air.

Boots. Preferably Frye.  Pictured here, Frye's Riding Chelsea.

A Cambridge Satchel from the Classic collection, 14"
and my initials embossed in gold.

Anything Dannijo. Pictured here, the Bea bib.

A Celtics jersey, a Rondo Celtics jersey.

De*Nada's Hooded Cowl.

An assortment of whimsical bow ties.

Joules wellies

Friday, December 2, 2011


Because it's cold and all I can think about is how to stay warm, I've got de*nada on the brain. de*nada is the brain child of Virginia Blanca, and is a locally based online boutique that specializes in handwoven knits. I've been a fan of de*nada scarves for quite some time, probably going on over 2 years now (I cyberstalk her website regularly).  At a recent Hugh & Crye-WGIRLS DC event in Georgetown, a handsome gentleman walked in looking deliciously sophisticated and with a strong resemblance to Bradley Cooper (swoon!).  I noticed him because he was handsome (of course) and because of the awesome hooded cowl scarf he was wearing.  I watched from across the room before making up my mind to go and ask about the scarf.  As it turns out, the scarf was made by de*nada. Unfortunately, I did not make up my mind to ask about the Bradley Cooper resemblance but I did immediately decide the hooded cowl would be going on my Christmas list.  Take a peek at it and a couple others below.

de*nada hooded cowl, $68

de*nada hooded cowl, $68

de*nada cowl soft knit, $55
de*nada cowl medium duo, $58