Monday, December 28, 2015

Apartment Therapy's Best of 2015

I am super excited to announce that a space I designed for a small condo in the Logan Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC was included in Apartment Therapy's Best of 2015 "Standout Small Cool Homes"!  The homeowner, Chloe, purchased the apartment 3 years ago and brought me in to help her turn what was a dark, moody lair into a bright space reflective of her personality and lifestyle.  You can read the post here.


Monday Motivation: 12.28.2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

Fashion Fridays: Pour Homme (Guys, This One's For You!)

Since I am often told I never post anything specifically for men, I am writing a second Fashion Friday post for the gentlemen who keep up with my blog.  As much as ladies love fashion and style, it is nice to know that there are men who care about it too. For those discerning gentlemen who take pride in their shoes and in carrying a nice bag to work, this one is for you. Both of the featured brands today are based out of London; Harrys of London and Aspinal of London.  Harry’s handmade shoes are beautifully crafted and the soles look as if you could walk a million miles in them and still be comfortable.  Honestly, I really want several pairs for myself.  And Aspinal's bags are so elegant and understated.  They are also handmade.  From a brief glance, it is obvious these bags are a true work of detailed and skilled craftsmanship. 

Fashion Fridays: What to Wear on New Year's Eve

With New Year’s Eve two weeks away, I thought I would dedicate today’s Fashion Friday post to finding the perfect NYE dress. A super festive and fun holiday, New Year’s Eve is all about the glitz, the glam and tons of sparkle.  All of which make me feel youthful and sassy.  If you are going out, I love the idea of short dresses in bold, deep colors.  However if you are staying in and hosting guests, I like the drama and sophistication of a long flowy number to set the tone for a formal evening with friends.  Whatever your plans, check out the dresses I am coveting below and let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

                                                     Silk Faille Mini Dress by Tahari via
                                                         Marchesa Pre-Fall 2016 via
                                         Tahari Aphrodite One-Shoulder Gown via
                         I love, love, love this gown!  Want!  Marchesa Pre-Fall 2016 via
                                                  Halston Metallic Jersey Gown via

                                                                   Marchesa Pre-Fall 2016 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Fashion Fridays: 12.11.2015

Today’s Fashion Friday post isn’t about what I am coveting or what is new in the fashion world.  Today’s Fashion Friday post is about skincare, specifically the skin care products I use.  On more than one occasion I have been told that I seem to have a “glow.”  In my modesty, I usually blame it on a healthy amount of bronzer.  If I am being honest, I really believe it stems from a general sense of wellbeing and happiness.  So I’m not sure I can necessarily attribute this “glow” to a winning skincare regimen but because I do get asked which products I use,  I am sharing them below.  Some are long time staples and others are newer additions.

1.  Global Beauty Care Retinol Under Eye Pads - $5.99 for 5 pairs
      I use these twice a week for 20 minutes before bed, after cleansing and
      exfoliating my face.

2.  365 100% Pure Lavender - $29.99
      I use this as a toner after I cleanse my face in the morning and at night. I apply a   
      few drops to a damp cotton ball and smooth over my face. Beware. It tingles.

3.  Garnier Ultra Lift Miracle Sleeping Night Cream -  $14.99
      After the lavender, I apply a small drop of this sleeping cream to my entire face, nightly.

4.  Roc Retinol Correction Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisture - $20.99
      In the mornings, I start the process again.  After cleansing and using the lavender
      as a toner, I massage a pea sized amount of this onto my face and neck.

5.  Aura Cacia Restoring Rosehip Oil - $12.99
      I use this sparingly, a couple times a week in the morning while paddling around
      and before showering.  I will leave it on for not less than an hour and not more
      than a few.  I squeeze out a few drops and apply to any places where there are
      blemishes.  Rosehips is known to help even skin tone and fade blemishes but it
      can also lead to breakouts.  I've noticed that my skin is definitely brighter after using

6.  EOS Moisturizing Lip Balm - $2.99
      I apply nightly before bed.  I am an avid lipstick wearer and I prefer matte
      lipsticks to the glossy ones.  That said, in the winter the lack of moisture in the
      matte colors can wreak havoc on my lips.  Applying the EOS at night makes sure
      they are soft and smooth and primed for the next day's lipstick application.

7.  Smashbox Cosmetics Fusion Soft Lights "Baked Starbust" - $32
      When I really want to up my “glow” ante, I use this.  I brush it lightly across my
      cheekbones, brow, down the bridge of my nose and across my chin.  I top it with
       just a little blush and poof…glow!

If you have found something that really works for you, let me know in the comments!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Somes Homes Have "It"....

The best designed spaces incorporate the unexpected. These spaces have an “it” factor.  You may not recognize what the “it” factor is when you step into these interiors but you know it is there.  There is something about these interiors hat makes you revere them, makes you stand up and take notice.  The best designed spaces immediately alert your senses that you’ve entered a special place.  They inspire you to want to incorporate some of that “it” into your own spaces. These perfectly designed spaces challenge all of your previous thoughts about interior design and home d├ęcor.  They encourage you to push boundaries and use fabrics and textures and colors that you previously considered off limits.   How lucky are the clients who get to live in these spaces? ! And how magical the designers!

                                                    Interior Design by Joanna Majewska
                                                             Photo via
                                                              Interior Designer Unknown
                                                      Photo via
                                                          Interior Designer Shawn Henderson 
                                                            Photo via Architectural Digest

                                                                Interior Design by Sasha Bikoff
                                                        Photo via
                                                            Interior Design by Grant K. Gibson
                                                                    Photo via                                  
                                                      Interior Design by Kevin and Lee Kleinhelter 
                                                            Photo via

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Platner's Chair

I am obsessed with Platner chairs.  Platner chairs are just one of many symbolic icons of mid-century modern style.  They are the creation of Warren Platner and have been around since the early 1960s and they are the ultimate sign of chic sophistication.  Warren Platner moved away from the traditional style of a chair base as applied decoration and designed a chair in which the base became the upright support, as well.  Platner, in all his genius and attention to detail, not only designed the chair but he also designed the method by which the chair was produced.  Constructed using steels rods that are welded to circular framing rods, makes the Platner chair in its most basic form composed solely of steel and air.  It is extremely versatile in its styling and I have yet to see a space where the Platner chair looks out of place.

                                                             Interior Design by Sascha Faasce.
                                                                 Photos via
                                                          Interior Design by Jonathan Adler 
                                                               Photo via
                                                                          Platner Easy Chair
                                                     Photo via 
                                                             Interior Design by Tamara Mellon
                                                                  Photo via