Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yves Klein

If it's not apparent from the blog, I'll go ahead and reveal to you that I love color.  I have over 50 shades of nail polish just because all the little pots of paint being right at the stretch of my hand make me ridiculously happy.  I decided to view the Yves Klein exhibit earlier this year strictly for this reason.  When I learned of Klein's use of monochromatic color in much of his work, I had to see it for myself.  His most famous works RE 46, RE 1, and MG 9 sold for $4,720,000, $6,716,000, and $21,000,000, respectively, at Christie's.  The photos don't do the works justice, so if you have the opportunity I highly recommend you visit the next or nearest exhibit of his work. 
MG 9
RE 46
Yves Klein, French artist, 1928- 1962

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