Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mini flies the "Coupe"...

To say that I love the Mini brand is, well for those that know me, quite obvious. For the longest, it was my dream car. I would visit the Mini website daily and design various models. I even went so far as to name my designs, print them and add them to my vision board at home and my desk at work. I kept one of my designs (I named it Britney) on the nightstand by my bed and there was not a morning that I didn't wake up and smile at her nor a night that I fell asleep without taking a long look to ensure she would be in my dreams (corny I know but to each her own). Fast forward some years and I now have that Mini (by God, the Law of Attraction works). And I guess one could say I am an enthusiast. I have key-chains, hats, apparel, several apps on my phone, and I live in the owner's lounge. Given this enthusiasm, you can imagine my excitement when I learned of two new Mini concept cars (pictured below) that are in consideration for a move from concept to reality. Happy Motoring! Vroom, Vroom!

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