Friday, January 21, 2011

A Good Thing...or Two.

Happy New Year! I know I'm a little late but what else is new?!  Let rhetoric tell it, good things come to those who wait and patience IS a virtue.  So, here we are and for the last several months, I have been on a mission for a snazzy pair of glasses.  No, not sunglasses, just a regular pair of vision-correcting lenses.  And alas, I think I've found the perfect pair.  Only currently, they're made to function as sunglasses. But not to worry, I'm already in plans to retrofit them to meet my poor eyesight having needs.  While drooling over MY glasses, (yes, I'm claiming them) I also stumbled upon this chic houndstooth driving cap.  Just picture driving AND being able to see...and at the same time! Now, how's that for a good thing...or two?!  :)

Ralph Lauren Keyhole Zebra Printed Sunglasses
Ralph Lauren Houndstooth Driving Cap