Monday, January 24, 2011

Jae Ko

Over the weekend, I took a trip to the Phillips Collection for their 90th Birthday celebration.  As part of the promo for the event the gallery was free to the public, *read* it was extremely crowded.  Not one to shy away from a crowd, I stood in line (gasp) and waited my turn for entry to the museum.  Once I was finally inside (20 min later), I was pleasantly surprised by the Jae Ko exhibit.  I'm still not able to decide if the exhibit reminds me of a bunch of amoebas squished together or some kind of striated muscle tissue but nevertheless I was thoroughly impressed by the creativity/ingenuity behind the exhibit since it's composed completely of craft paper.  Here are a few other works by Jae Ko, as well as a video on how the exhibit was installed.  Enjoy!

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