Thursday, December 10, 2015

Somes Homes Have "It"....

The best designed spaces incorporate the unexpected. These spaces have an “it” factor.  You may not recognize what the “it” factor is when you step into these interiors but you know it is there.  There is something about these interiors hat makes you revere them, makes you stand up and take notice.  The best designed spaces immediately alert your senses that you’ve entered a special place.  They inspire you to want to incorporate some of that “it” into your own spaces. These perfectly designed spaces challenge all of your previous thoughts about interior design and home décor.  They encourage you to push boundaries and use fabrics and textures and colors that you previously considered off limits.   How lucky are the clients who get to live in these spaces? ! And how magical the designers!

                                                    Interior Design by Joanna Majewska
                                                             Photo via
                                                              Interior Designer Unknown
                                                      Photo via
                                                          Interior Designer Shawn Henderson 
                                                            Photo via Architectural Digest

                                                                Interior Design by Sasha Bikoff
                                                        Photo via
                                                            Interior Design by Grant K. Gibson
                                                                    Photo via                                  
                                                      Interior Design by Kevin and Lee Kleinhelter 
                                                            Photo via

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