Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Platner's Chair

I am obsessed with Platner chairs.  Platner chairs are just one of many symbolic icons of mid-century modern style.  They are the creation of Warren Platner and have been around since the early 1960s and they are the ultimate sign of chic sophistication.  Warren Platner moved away from the traditional style of a chair base as applied decoration and designed a chair in which the base became the upright support, as well.  Platner, in all his genius and attention to detail, not only designed the chair but he also designed the method by which the chair was produced.  Constructed using steels rods that are welded to circular framing rods, makes the Platner chair in its most basic form composed solely of steel and air.  It is extremely versatile in its styling and I have yet to see a space where the Platner chair looks out of place.

                                                             Interior Design by Sascha Faasce.
                                                                 Photos via
                                                          Interior Design by Jonathan Adler 
                                                               Photo via
                                                                          Platner Easy Chair
                                                     Photo via 
                                                             Interior Design by Tamara Mellon
                                                                  Photo via

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