Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Knot of a Butterfly...

Since the summer, I've said that starting this Fall, I was gonna be all about bow ties.  I purchased my first bow tie in August for $1 from a thrift store.  Since then I have purchased several more all for less than $10, as I've been leery of investing a ton of money in something I wasn't even sure if I would be able to tie properly.  However, it all sorted itself out this past Saturday night. A good friend was having a birthday dinner at Brasserie Beck.  After helping her pick out her birthday dress the day before, I was a little anxious about what I should wear.  You know that dilemma we girls have in always feeling like we never have anything to wear, well, that's the exact panic attack I had Saturday afternoon about 45 minutes before I was supposed to leave home.  Then I remembered my bow ties!  Since my favorite J. Crew gingham shirt had just been cleaned, I decided to wear that with a purple plaid bow tie, a stretchy black skirt, black stirrups, and black La Perla pumps.  I threw this outfit together in 10 minutes and was out the door (surprisingly) on time!  The dinner was a wonderful feast of food and drink and good conversation with great friends. The bow tie got a lot of stares from strangers and some commentary from friends, but I didn't mind.  I felt fabulous. 

See the pictures below of me in my bow tie, as well as other bow ties I'd like to add to my collection. 

"Gaudi Door" La Noeud Papillon AUD $145

"Icecream" La Noeud Papillon AUD $145

The Perfect Necktie $16.95

"A bow tie can be symbolic for nonchlance, flair, eccentricity, prep, intelligence, wit, charm or just plain fun. A bow tie wearer often has an artist's mind, a respect for tradition and yet a renegade at the same time."

- La Noeud Papillon

"...But perhaps most of all, wearing a bow tie is a way of broadcasting an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think." - Warren St. John, The New York Times

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