Monday, November 28, 2011

Paris: Week 1

Thanksgiving is over and it's back to the humdrum of daily living, although for me it's all of a sudden not quite so humdrum-ish.  One early morning during the holiday break, I had a talk with my mom where she asked me to take a look at my life and evaluate whether I was doing all the things I'd dreamed.  I've long talked about moving to Paris, studying and working for a couple of years, and she reminded me of that dream.  She asked if I had forgotten about it and what I was waiting on to make it happen.  She encouraged me to go, to move to Paris.  I thought on it the rest of my time at home and I realized it's not something I can turn my back on.  I know it is something that I want to do.  I also know that if I don't do it soon, it will probably be something that I will always look back on and wish that I had done.  So, I resolved to do it. 

As soon as I made up my mind to do it, I knew I would have to ask for help, something that for me is a huge deal. I talked to my friend/life coach, Lauree of Simply Leap, and I asked her to help me.  I asked her to hold me accountable and to help me get from point A (DC) to point B (Paris).  Lauree kicked right into coach-mode. She asked me to come up with a list of items/steps that would help my goal become a reality. And we made a plan of attack that included me coming up with items each week that would help me get closer to Paris and then meeting with her at the end of the week to go over my progress, i.e. which goals I had achieved, which I had not, talking me through any fear or anxiety, and making more goals for the next week.  Armed with this plan, I feel able.  I feel ready to take the next steps.


  1. Dechelle: American girl in Paris - I'm claiming it for you.