Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pearl Dive

Sunday I ended up in somewhat of a bad mood. I'm not quite sure how this happened as all I did was wake up, check twitter, and start my laundry but somehow that's where I ended up. I had no desire to leave the house.  All I wanted was to lay in the midst of my warm, newly washed clothes and drift in and out of sleep for the rest of the day.  But it was Sunday and Sunday tradition calls for brunch with my bff, Chloe.  It should also be mentioned, that we both tend to have really late starts on Sunday, so brunch usually ends up being dinner. This particular Sunday was no different, but I, nevertheless, hauled myself outta bed and over to Chloe's.

I was in the mood for something different from our usual brunch/dinner spots, so I suggested Hank's Oyster Bar. It was also fairly warm out so I suggested that we walk.  And because I was agitated for no apparent reason, I suggested that we stop for coffee.  Chloe being lovely and agreeable, as she always is, agreed to Hank's, the walk, and the coffee but suggested instead of Starbuck's we go to Peregrine Espresso. I really wanted the Starbuck's since it was two for one week but always willing to try something new, I agreed. 

I walked into Peregrine, unsure of what I would try.  Chloe recommended the cappucino.  I decided to go with a latte.  A non-fat latte.  To which the barista, immediately turned up his nose and asked, "But why non-fat?!" I responded, "What's wrong with non-fat?"  His response, "The fat binds better with the coffee and gives it better flavor." Better flavor?!?  Sold.  "Ok, I'll have the regular latte." 

Latte from Peregrine Espresso

I must say, the barista was right.  The flavor was much better.  My bad mood, which previously I had worn around me like a tight, impenetrable cloak of storm clouds, began to break up and a few rays of sunlight shone through.  I thanked the barista for his suggestion and we began our trek over to Hank's.  A few steps south of Peregrine, we spotted Pearl Dive Oyster Palace, an interesting looking restaurant with a walk up bar.  The walk up bar lured us in and after a brief discussion, it was decided we would eat there.  The bartender revealed that dinner was not available until 5pm but we were welcome to order anything off the bar menu.  A quick comparison resulted in us waiting the 30 minutes for the full dinner menu. 

Pearl Dive Oyster Palace off 14th St., NW, Washington, DC

Bar and dinner menus at Pearl Dive

Delighted by the coffee, a glass of Viognier, and the prospect of a delicious meal, my storm cloud mood was swept away and only a bright, giddy disposition was left.  At the suggestion of our server, Nick, we ordered a carafe of the Albarinos, a crisp white wine and for starters, the cornmeal fried oysters with andouille and sweet potato hash and bacon wrapped oysters in a vinegar and white wine reduction.  Feeling somewhat full from the coffee, the bread, the wine and the appetizer oysters, we decided to have a round (6) of oyster's on the half shell (harvested from Virginia, Washington State, and Massachusetts) and the apple black iron pie served with two scoops of cinnamon gelato.  To say this meal was delicious would not do it justice.  It was truly an experience.  Our server (Nick) was amazing.  His recommendations were spot on and by the end of the evening, I was practically glowing.   Check out the pictures below.

Left: Cornmeal crusted Oysters in a Andouille Sausage and Sweet Potato Hash
Right: "Angels on Horseback" - Grilled Oysters wrapped in Bacon with a Vinegar and White Wine Reduction
Pearl Dive Oyster Bar

Oysters on the Half Shell
harvested from Virginia, Massachusetts, and Washington State
Pearl Dive Oyster Bar

Apple Black Iron Pie under Cinnamon Gelato
Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

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